“Supporting you to create hits!” 

At iGNITE! Music we believe in supporting artists and creating great music in every possible way. Through the artists in our roster and our network we helped a great number of dance music producers and many other artists with:

  • toplines
  • vocalists (also remote recording)
  • co-writing sessions / writing camps
  • (ghost)producing
  • providing session musicians for (remote) recording and live during shows
    (from soloists to experienced string orchestra, brass ensemble and much more)
  • recording music (also live recording on location up to 192 channels!)
  • distribution & publishing

The team we work with have created/co-created music that attracted millions of streams and some of them became worldwide hits.

A selection of people iGNITE! Music works with providing these services:

  • Myke & Diandra Faye (toplines, compositions, vocals)
  • Valerio Recenti (toplines, vocals)
  • XCeption Music (Bram Boender & Ruby Prophet – toplines, comopisitions, vocals)
  • Hardstyle Pianist (piano, composition)
  • Judith van der Klip (violin, toplines, composition)
  • Isaac McCluskey (toplines, vocals, brass)
  • Koen Herfst (drums, compostion)
  • Timothy Dunn (bass, composition)
  • Michiel Teijgeler (digerido)
  • Juriaan Westerveld (cello)
  • Bassanova (producing, composition)
Time for you to hit the charts?