Hardstyle Pianist @ Defqon.1 Festival

“Music, or art in general will not save the world. But without it we would miss the key ingredient that could…” 

When the iGNITE! Music team was formed, one thing was clear; we wanted to discover new amazing artists and help them build up sustainable careers, because we strongly believed they deserved to be heard and seen. Without being pretentious; we really believe that music makes our world more beautiful and who wouldn’t like to help realize just that!

Our passion for music unites our team, and at iGNITE! Music we always go the extra mile for our artists and clients. We promise you to bring experiences that will be a delight for all senses; all our acts   and concepts are not only a pleasure to listen to but are also a feast for the eyes and soul!

In only a few years the iGNITE! Music team has obtained a strong position in the music industry with a cross-genre roster and a wide range of services for artists and clients.

iGNITE! Music can be divided in four ‘branches’
Music Industry Services
Business Events

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