So happy to be able to meet our team, artists and partners again in real life! Therefore, as of yesterday, we've moved into our new iGNITE! Music office in Deventer. This new spot is extra special to us because it is housed in the STROOM building, a creative community in Deventer (Overijssel, NL), that we co-initiated! STROOM will house both artists and music industry organisations such as ourselves. The aim is to collaborate on cool projects, learn from each other, get inspired, grow the music business in the eastern part of the Netherland, help upcoming talents and create a meeting spot for music-minded people in general.

Our new address is: 

iGNITE! Music B.V.
Sint Olafstraat 5a
7418 CG Deventer 
The Netherlands

So let's talk about music in our new office, welcome!