On January 24 Judith van der Klip premiered her first ever theatre production in an almost sold out theater in Zwolle (NL). Her show (in Dutch language) is best described as a blend between a play, a concert and an audiovisual experience. She takes the audience on a journey through the life of her 220 years old violin built by the famous Dutch violin builders Cuypers. In the show the violin is represented by an actor (Krisjan Schellingerhout) and dialogs between Judith and violin take the audience through funny, emotional and mysterious moments in the violins life.
The voice of Eric Corton is taking the audience from time-period to time period and music from those specific moments in time are performed live by Judith and her fellow-musicians: a pianist, bandoneonist and 2 violin players. This show is directed by Stijn Dijkema, text were written by Sara van Gennip and the show is a co-production from VAKTOR and iGNITE! Music.

The first part of the tour consists of mainly shows in the eastern part of the Netherlands, but more dates will be announced during 2023. For more information visit https://www.judithvanderklip.com/.