We are happy to announce that Marijn de Valk, who’m many people in the Dutch music scene might know as venuebound promoter for the Luxor Live venue in Arnhem (NL), will join the iGNITE! Music family as our new booking agency coordinator. He will replace Ruby who’s recently started working for the Dutch NGO, FPK.

Marijn will further develop the booking agency in a part-time capacity because he will also keep working as venuebound promoter for Luxor Live where he has worked in this role since 2015. Marijn’s career in music started in a local record store. After that he owned a small booking agency, teached at the ARTEZ academy and always kept making music in his spare time.

Marijn de Valk: “I am really enthusiastic about this move. iGNITE! Music is driven by a team of energetic, talented people who have managed to build up something special in only a few years. There are already great acts in the booking agency roster, but I sincerely hope that even more upcoming acts have noticed the same as I have and will join the iGNITE! Music family as well. Of course we can’t book all acts, but I am really looking forward to extend our roster!. My own eyes will be mainly focused on talent from the eastern part of the Netherlands, but that wil not rule out acts from other places :)”

Nikolai Serda (co-founder of iGNITE! Music): “We have worked with Marijn on several projects of our artists in his role as venuebound promoter for Luxor Live. We are so happy that he has joined our family! His experience as promotor will help further develop our booking agency, but will also provide some great insights for artists we manage. As coordinator he will not only work on booking artists and extending our roster. In the near future we also expect to add some more team members for the booking agency, he will than lead that team.”