iGNITE! Corona Proof Music Industry Services


At the moment the sad ‘new normal’ is that artists have to sit home in order to conquer the COVID-19 virus that is hitting us all so hard.
Time to put all that ‘extra’ time to use! This is the moment to evaluate your career so far, see what you might want to change, compose great new songs, finally work on those marketing improvements etc. etc.

A fresh pair of professional eyes might help guide you in these times!
That’s why we decided to make our iGNITE! Music Industry Services available in a Corona-Proof manner. To make sure we’ll get through these difficult times as an industry we even decided to give a 50% discount our normal hourly rates for as long as the Corona crisis lasts (only € 25 p/hr) in the Netherlands (expected until June 1st).

You can book any of the following music industry service sessions or workshops online below in our online booking system but you can also plan a session on any other (music industry-related topic) by contacting us here.

How it works

  1. Make your choice from our 60 minutes sessions or workshops and remember the title of the session (or ctrl-c / cmnd-c it ;)).
  2. Go to our reservation system (will open in new window) fill in your details and the name of the session / workshop or ask any specific question you might want to spar/brainstorm about
  3. You will get a message if your reservation is accepted and will also receive an invoice to be paid in advance of the session/workshop.
  4. DONE 🙂

60 minute sessions (1-on-1)

  • Let’s talk about your demo; you’ve created a (number of) demo track(s) – time to get feedback from professionals!
  • The next level; let’s brainstorm about your artistic and career opportunities!
  • How to protect & monetise your music; practical help in all steps to protect your rights and monetise your music.
  • The best show in the world; your live show should be an integral part of your marketing and be an amazing experience – we can help.
  • Promoting the sh*t out of it; practical marketing pr/help is here for you!
  • Creating a videoclip – hit pause now! So many money is wasted. We help you make the right plan and spend your budget wisely.
  • I just want to spar/talk; sometimes you just need someone to listen or brainstorm with you about any music (industry) related topic. Let’s do it!



  • It’s all about the WHY; some acts rule the globe, some don’t. What is the big difference and are the key ingredients to make you ready for succes in the future? In this 2 hour workshop we’ll share these insights with you!
  • Are you management-ready; Time to find out if you are (really) ready for management in this 2 hour workshop!