We’ve been working with the band Cousin Hatfield for a while now. In the last year Nathalie Schaap (lead vocals, double bass), Jos van Ringen (banjo/guitar, vocals) and Mark Schimmel (guitar, vocals) worked hard on a new project: NATHALÍE. The goal was to create a band with a blend of pop music, American roots and jazz in accessible – yet adventurous – songs. The winner of the Cultuurtalentprijs Overijssel (NL) Nathalie Schaap about the new band: “We write music inspired by our all-time heroes. The band really is a mix of our combined experience and different backgrounds. That creates a new fresh sound with songs sounding familiar, maybe even ‘poppy’, but at the same time is adventurous to listen to.” When you come and see NATHALÍE play you can expect passionate musicians on stage performing their songs on acoustic instruments.

The debut single, ‘You Tried’ will be released on September 16th and in November the band will release their first EP. Also the band is already attracting international interest with options for live shows in both India, Germany and Sweden in 2023.

For more information check out the profile page on our site or contact Jasper Slaghuis for management and Marijn de Valk for bookings.